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Combat Text (B40+B41)

Show health bar above zombie heads and damage dealt

Health bar features:

  • shown when player hit zombie for first time and health bar is not visible (100% = current zombie health)
  • health loss is animated (orange part of bar)
  • bar will hide itself after 10 in-game minutes without receiving damage
  • can be tweaked in options

Floating text features:

  • text is shown once damage is detected (this is currently done during OnPlayerUpdate which is way faster than OnZombieUpdate)
  • fire damage is displayed with orange text (damage is accumulated and shown each 5 in-game seconds otherwise it show extreme small numbers)
  • other damage types are show ASAP with red color
  • green text means zombie is being healed (yes zombies can heal when they eat corpse)
  • can be tweaked in options

Current/Max HP features:

  • text anchor around health bar (max = zombie health when player hit zombie for first time)
  • visible only on reasonable zoom levels
  • not enabled by default
  • can be tweaked in options

Mod options:

  • there is new «tab» in game options screen which contain mod configuration
  • some configuration is not reflected immediately for zombie which has already health bar in active state
  • changes in configuration are persistent and global

Superb Survivors! compatibility — 02/05/2021
Last update of this mod should be working with Superb Survivors without known issues, and how it works? in Superb Survivors are survivors spawned as AI controlled players so they share all functionality e.g. if survivor is attacking zombie, health bar will show up and you will see damage dealt. Health bar will also appear above survior head when damaged.

Known issues:

  • B41 — car «hits» are not shown (11/25/2020 — currently there is no lua even on vehicle hit, so this goes on hold for now)
  • B40 — bar can hide itself when you stand on top of zombie (12/27/2020 — eased zombie alpha value is not exposed in B40 and currently used exposed property is sometimes overridden during zombie rendering, so this is not likely be fixed in B40)
  • B41 — loosing health, bar animation disappeared — fixed
  • B40 — broken — error on every zombie hit — fixed

Future plans:

  • Player healthbar — when player received damage (on hold)
  • improve performance (12/27/2020 — done — 350+ zombies with healthbars and burning are working without significant FPS drop)

Tested on B40.43 and B41.53

Multiplayer support

  • B40 — not supported
  • B41 — MP not available

Download: Combat Text (B40+B41) [968.4 KB] (2022-02-10)

Author: Rezistor

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