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CMT Retexture

Comigo’s Majestic Trees Retexture
Replaces original trees from CMT with different textures.
What does that mean and why does it exist?
Basically, this mod aims to deliver a different visual approach and style to original vanilla and CMT trees. It’s not a better visuals, per se, but a different take on it. Some trees are reimagination of these that were in place, some of these are a more pronounced vision of vanilla. It may not be vanilla-friendly in some aspects of it and can be somewhat inconsistent and imperfect in places.

There’s also no visual variation between same species of trees beyond minimum possible (size/horizontal flipping/summer-winter colour cycle for some trees). At least for now.

It doesn’t replace any code or provide any of it’s own that can cause any kind of errors by it self. Only significant difference from original CMT in this case is presence of sprites for Anima Nexus which is a replace for Gauranlen tree provided by [Vanilla Ideology Expanded — Anima Theme]. It will automatically use an alternative sprite if you’ve got it installed. Read «Optional dependencies» below to find more details.

It exists purely because one day after playing some Stoneshard and having a great joy looking at it’s trees I went browsing RimWorld’s workshop the other day and stumbled upon Comigo’s Majestic Trees, so the idea of redrawing tree sprites was born. And after some tests and sketches in december of 2021, I finally reconciled with the idea of creating this mod. Since 8th of January 2022 I’ve started drawing a tree or two per day with occasional procrastinations for days and here we are!

Requires [Comigo’s Majestic Trees] and all of it’s dependencies: [Harmony] and [XML Extensions], in order to work. Obviously should go after all of these in mod load order.
Optional dependencies
  • [Vanilla Ideology Expanded — Anima Theme] for a Gauranlen tree alternative looks. This mod should go after VIEAT in load order to work properly. Otherwise expect visual differences and errors. VIEAT can be placed after original CMT in mod order safely.
  • [ReGrowth: Aspen Forests] — supported as in original CMT. Replaces Red and Yellow Aspen trees. Obviously ReGrowth mod should go before CMT and This mod in mod load order.
  • [Alpha Biomes] — only one biome supported as in original CMT. And that biome is Ocular forest.
    Other biomes can be disabled in AB’s options, if you may so desire.

As you may already know from reading descriptions of original mod, there are options that allows you to control radius of tree fading effect.
In order to access these options, you’ll have to navigate to
Options → More Mod Settings → type in search bar or find in a list «Comigo’s Majestic Trees».
I suggest:
  • Using at least value of 6 for [Size of the effect], especially if you’re playing at swamps.
  • To have [Refresh period] somewhere around 6~8 or higher for a smoother performance in price of a little bit of choppy fading time.
  • To use https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2218078784 to comfortably set values on sliders.

Known Issues
  • For some reason XML setup for Gauranlen tree alternative sprite result into errors if you don’t have Ideology DLC activated. These errors are harmless but I will look into fixing it. It should not cause that kind of errors, since requirements check is in place.
  • If you have [Vanilla Furniture Expanded — Props and Decor] there may be errors. However, there’s fix for that: [Majestic Trees/Props Compatibility Patch+] but there might be size difference between prop trees and living trees, which I may fix someday later.
  • For some unknown reason if you mouseover trees (featured in mod) while they’re being planted — there’s an error that does appear without CMT Retexture with some trees and doesn’t with some other trees. Not sure why it’s happening. Investigating the problem.
  • Fading on mouseover may not work for trees on an existing save for an existing map, if original CMT wasn’t used before. That’s a Comigo’s Majestic Trees‘ issue. However, newly grown trees will have fading feature as well as any trees on newly generated maps.

  • [Q] — Are there any plans to cover more trees from other mods?
    [A] — It would be great, but I’ll take some rest and do something else in nearest future after I’ll add some more little things. I can’t promise anything yet. If I’ll have any certance in what’s the future for this project look like I’ll add a roadmap or something like that to this description page.

  • [Q] — Why are there no sprite variety between same tree species? Any plans on these?
    [A] — I’ve tried to add it. But I’ve failed and I’m not sure if that an issue with CMT and it doesn’t support random sprites right now or I’m just not that bright. It would be great to have variation and that’s something I may get into, but for now — read first question and answer in relation to any kind of plans.

  • [Q] — Why pines look like a different kind of trees instead of classic vanilla look?
    [A] — I like my pines to look like pines instead of spruce. But I understand the appeal and I’ll take some time to make a spruce an option. Pine is a manifestation of generalised conifer trees in RimWorld and it doesn’t really that important to look like an actual pine. So stay tuned, I’ll add it as soon as it’s done.

  • [Q] — Can I ask you something personally?
    [A] — Sure, why not. I prefer to use Discord, so you can find me directly by ID:Djeeshka#6034 or feel free to ping me in #mod-general on {LINK REMOVED}
    You can also DM me on twitter @Djeeshka.
    I don’t really like to add new people to friends on steam, but if you have something important to ask — you can try, but don’t except a fast response.
Additional QA
  • [Q] — Can I contribute?
    [A] — I’m not very cooperative person, especially when it comes to my art, so… I’m not sure. Maybe on a code side of things.

  • [Q] — How can I support your efforts and increase chances of This mod growing?
    [A] — Well, you can drop a friendly comment. If you have other kind of support, like monetary — I’m not sure yet. Contact me if it’s the case and I’ll see what options are there.

  • [Q] — Do you accept commissions?
    [A] — Maybe. Never had any of these before, you can be first. Contact me. 👀

Download: CMT Retexture [4.4 MB] (2022-02-12)

Author: Djeeshka

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