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Cleaning Speed

A simple mini-mod that implements a Cleaning Speed stat and adds two traits that affect it. Without it, vanilla cleaning occurs at a fixed rate, with nothing positively or negatively affecting it.

Mod Contents

Cleaning Speed is multiplied by Global Work Speed (100%) and relies on Manipulation (100%) and Sight (50%). This means that the speed at which a pawn cleans will be affected by traits that modify Global Work Speed (such as Industrious, Hard Worker, Lazy, and Slothful) and implants that affect Manipulation (such as prosthetic or bionic limbs). At 100% Cleaning Speed, a pawn will clean filth at the same rate as vanilla.

Fastidious is a new trait that increases a pawn’s Cleaning Speed by 50% and decreases the rate at which they generate filth by 50%.

Slovenly is a new trait that decreases a pawn’s Cleaning Speed by 50% and increases the rate at which they generate filth by 50%.

Note: If you use Ideology’s slavery system, Cleaning Speed will cause slaves to clean slightly slower due to their penalty to Global Work Speed.

Mod Compatibility

Cleaning Speed should be compatible with all other work-related mods unless they also attempt to modify the speed at which cleaning happens. At the time of writing, I am not aware of any mods that do so; please let me know if you encounter any issues!

Safe to Add

Cleaning Speed should be safe to add or remove from an existing save, but as always, it’s in your best interest to make an extra save file just in case!

Technical Details

Cleaning Speed modifies the rate at which work is done by postfixing JobDriver_CleanFilth.MakeNewToils and replacing the tickAction of the actual work-performing Toil. CleaningSpeed values for individual pawns are cached in a static Dictionary with a lifetime of 60 ticks.

As Cleaning Speed is a fully implemented StatDef, bonuses to Cleaning Speed can be applied anywhere StatModifiers are allowed, including weapons (tools), apparel, traits, and hediffs:

<statOffsets> <CleaningSpeed MayRequire=»Aelanna.CleaningSpeed»>0.50</CleaningSpeed> </statOffsets>

For an example of a mod that has Cleaning Speed support, Eccentric Tech — Angel Apparel‘s worker uniforms and worker aprons each grant a cumulative 50% bonus to Cleaning Speed.

Download: Cleaning Speed [502.5 KB] (2022-02-09)

Author: Aelanna

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