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Clean UI

It’s been a long path but Clean UI has finally been updated to include all icons (including kits!) and fix the animatic issues that started a few patches ago.  Please delete any existing copies and re-download.

  • Added icons for new packs
  • Fixed collection and kit strings
  • Fixed missing animatics
  • Added compatibility for Better BuildBuy

Note: Due to changes needed to restore animatics, this mod is no longer compatible with TOOL. I may look into fixing compatibility again later, but that’s low priority for now.  Thanks everyone!


1. Download the zip file below and double-click it to open.

2. Drag the Tmex-CleanUI.package inside to your Mods folder.

3. All done! Your game menu will be restored to the old UI.

Download: Clean UI [46 MB] (2.3 / 07.09.2021)

Author: TwistedMexi

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