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Carved Prosthetics

After rewatching the recent Dororo anime reboot I felt myself sorely disappointed by my masterwork powerlifter arms and wanted something with a different aesthetic.
So I went on yet another caffeine trip and made this, a carved prosthetic limbs mod.

Let me just preface that this is a skeleton limb with a nice prosthetic case covering all the internal components, so it will remain usable for the full duration of your run. I repeat it is not a dummy limb.

It currently adds a set of bone carved prosthetic arms that I feel fits nicely into the world. Will add the corresponding legs at a later date.

Available for purchase at your nearest limbs merchant.

Well the idea is just to have an existing robotic arm with a nice carved casing to keep all the wirey bits safe and contained. At shoddy levels the limbs should be equivalent to a standard skeleton arm, and at masterwork it should be equivalent to an industrial lifter arm with a bit of extra durability. It is more for fashion than for gameplay reasons so i did not make it too over or under powered.

Download: Carved Prosthetics [3.188 MB] (2021-03-02 12:43:00)

Author: LordHapless

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