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Caravan Adventures

Caravan Adventures aims to transform traveling around the world into a real adventure by providing new features to replace the annoying micromanagement, make traveling more fun and give you a sense of purpose doing so. Quick heads-up, about 25% of this mod’s content is the Storyline, which requires Royalty. Everything else can be used without it, don’t worry.

TLDR; massive fully modular caravan QOL mod with a storyline that’ll keep you busy for a while.

Feedback would be amazing, please join us on discord[discord.gg]
All mod details available in the Mod’s Wikipedia[github.com]

Automatic Camp Setup
  • Settle on tiles by having your pawns set up a camp first, before you even get involved.
  • If you prepared and have enough spacer tent supplies, you will be able to stay in high quality camp sites, if not, ur pawns will divert to make shift materials.
  • Your pawns automatically build enough tents for your individual number of travelers and prisoners. Pawns also choose their tents based on their relationship.
  • Choose to either leave the bulk of most items strapped to your animals or create enough storage tents, so all your equipment is tugged away «safely».
  • Choose to pre-apply basic jobs, like creating a set of fresh clothes, butcher animals or grill some stakes
  • Leave the camp site immediately if you want to, just for the impatient ones
Caravan forming / trading presets
  • Set up 3 presets in mod settings, that allow you to quickly select all items for travel, or create specific trade filters to select all you may want to sell at once.
  • More basic selection options for all items or none
  • Keep the automatic supplies disabled with a toggle, to avoid some lag when it’s active every time you open up the dialog
  • Have selected pawns and items on the map automatically enabled in the caravan forming dialog
Mechanoid Bounty
  • Part of the story, but also separately available
  • Hunt mechanoids to receive bounty credits with the faction that called out the bounty
  • Get assistance from said faction on any map you currently have pawns located (they can help engage hostile locations)
  • Hire veteran soldiers for a hefty large amount of bounty credits, which come with alot of experience and you’re able to choose some of their traits
  • Purchase valuable items in exchange for bounty credits
  • Improve relations to other factions in exchange for bounty credits
  • Buy bounty credits for a large amount of silver
Immersion — Travel companions
  • Pawns start out disliking the newcomers due to uncertainty and some lack of trust
  • Pawns individually bond with each other over time which can turn the initial distrust into a true friendship
Caravan Incidents
  • More smaller events that do not always have to end in a fight (currently only 1)
Storyline (requires Royalty)
  • A storyline that gives you a reason to travel the world
  • Form a bond with a new faction sharing your troubles on a new world
  • Encounter a dangerous threat that endangers the entire world
  • Fight bosses to claim treasures, learn powerful spells and prevent the end of all living beings
General travel support
(disabled at default, enable in mod settings)
  • auto clean up settlement remains
  • Increase food and silver available for settlements to trade
  • Increase ancient shrine spawns and reward chances
  • Increase skill decay level from 10 to 15
  • Enable a side bar icon allowing to remove letters

(All categories can be enabled or disabled and further configured to your liking in the mod’s settings)

CA should generally be compatible with most mods (including CE, Set up camp or other mods adding some sort of night travel feature) so i’ll only list known incompatibilities until they’re resolved.
To add CA feature-compatibility for your mods in terms of bounty hunting, or excepting races from the travel companion relation feature, check out the wiki linked above.
— Allies Spot — messes with vanilla raid spawn system
— VE Igor Invader story teller seems to cause some oddities with story related raids (story)
— When VE asks to add the new mechanoid faction, best don’t add it or ignore it (story)
— «No Anima Trees» or other mods removing the anima tree (story)

Can i use this without royalty?
Yes! U’ll only miss out on the storyline, but the other 6 major categories are still available.
How can i enter the village???
Check the wiki storyline section[github.com]
Why r so many centipedes attacking the npc village, i only have 3 pawns with sticks???
Check the wiki storyline section[github.com]
Where do the whispers come from???
Check the wiki storyline section[github.com]
Can it be added to an ongoing playthrough?
Yes, but keep in mind that removing/disabling the storyline on an ongoing save is currently experimental. Other mod categories can freely be enabled and disabled and only require a restart to take effect. To remove the mod, backup your saves, enable the mod’s debug settings and select «Remove mod (Exp.)». Now save the game and remove the mod. However simply pushing the button and not removing the mod physically is still the best option.
Another mod removed or changed the story faction settlement before i reached the whispers quest, what can i do?
You can enable the mod’s debug mode in modsettings on the top left and reset the storyline, which will respawn another settlement. Don’t forget the disable the mod’s debug mode afterwards, otherwise events happen way faster and closer. Issue will be addressed in a future update.

Artwork and the preview image generously provided by Shakesthespeare, thank you mate, u’re awesome!
Portal in Ancient master shrine by gecko-kobold
Shortcut-button icon for forming/trade preset settings by Madman666

Anima tree whisper by zapsplat (zapsplat_whispers.mp3)[www.zapsplat.com]
Earthquake by zatar (zatar_earthquake.mp3)[freesound.org]
slice1 by audione[freesound.org]
slice2 by freefire66[freesound.org]
slice3 by TheBuilder15[freesound.org]
slice4 by Aleks41[freesound.org]

ChineseSimplified translation by ameki
ChineseTraditional translation by ameki
Korean translation by inbae
SpanishLatin translation by Evilservant6

CE Patch by DkPepper
Trailer Video by OttersHoldHands (all credits on YT)
Thanks to the testers who helped to get this mod on the road!

In case you like my content and would like to support me:
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iforgotmysocks
BTC: 395tWdqGoj4CtppcBLmdX6xXSjSNsVrD7V
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ETH: 0x6A9a7E56d006908Bd918C5A668c9629E9EcdcC2d

Download: Caravan Adventures [6.8 MB] (2022-01-12)

Author: iforgotmysocks, Shakesthespeare

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