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Car Dashboard Radio Button

Adds the radio button to vehicle dashboards. Clicking on it opens the device panel, same as the one from the radial menu.
The icon is green if radio is currently on, red if the key is in ignition and the radio is missing from the car, and gray otherwise.

Added support for True Music. If you also have that mod installed clicking the radio icon with the right mouse button opens the cassette player instead.

If you run into any issues after the last update try resubscribing to the mod, that seems to solve it. I’ve tested it with both true music on and off, with load order both before and after the mod, and it worked fine in every case so it seems to be something weird going on with workshop and not the mod itself.

Workshop ID: 2736059670
Mod ID: Kaldo_CarDashboardRadioButton

Download: Car Dashboard Radio Button [272.2 KB] (2022-02-06)

Author: Kaldo

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