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Bushcraft Gear — Tools

Adds 6 new vanilla friendly weapons to your world:

  • Hand Hatchet
  • Splitting Axe
  • Cheap Survival Knife
  • Survival Knife
  • Kukri Machete
  • Rancher Machete

(Default weapons has not been replaced, they are still in the game)

Every weapon/tool has different states to make them suite to different combat styles.
The «Hand hatchet» for example is a shorter hand axe which is quicker and more accurate (slightly higher crit and attack speed) then the default handaxe, but has a shorter range and deals less damage to zombies and doors.


Will this mod change the overall weapon count?
Yes and no.
Weapons attached in zombies are as rare as before since they share one loot table with the default weapons.
But since the new weapons have been added to several containers it might increase the overall weapons in the world.

Will this mod work with a existing savegame?
It should, but you may wont find them in already discovered loot places.
Its usually better to start a new savegame with new mods.

Which game version works with this mod?
I have tested it with game version 41.65

Do you take comission for new weapons?
It depents.
If i like a idea or weapon i might add it if i want to play with it, but mostly the anwser is: no

Download: Bushcraft Gear — Tools [474 KB] (2022-01-13)

Author: Scavenger

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