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And you can't ignore mistakes?

1 week, 4 days ago

You are in the wrong place for the question

1 week, 4 days ago
@Razilator No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

wiebenor, Hello! Unfortunately, the mod has not been updated for a long time ... Therefore, most likely it is not compatible! I have a lot of work so far, so I can't update mods yet. Steam also disabled direct mod downloads for other games, which broke my automatic mod update system.

3 weeks, 4 days ago
@wiebenor No Mosaic / Censor Mod for The Sims 4 - Toddler Compatibility Update!

Forgive me for saying, but this mod doesn't work with the wicked whims mod and I'd like this functionality to be able to be used concurrently to, and with, wicked whims... There's supposedly clothing mods a guy can do, to enable something similar to the nudity I expect, but I have no clue how to mod clothes in Sims 4, and it's made to sound complicated when most people give directions, or they barely tell you anything besides the fact that it's as easy as"edit form fitting clothes and you're done"... Need to at LEAST get this mod working with wicked whims enabled...

3 weeks, 5 days ago
@Razilator Devious Desires

babaBuceta, honestly, I don't know, I haven't played this mod)

1 month, 2 weeks ago
@babaBuceta Devious Desires

how make rape interaction?

1 month, 2 weeks ago

Bun Race

Link Info Language Version Loads Loaded Created by
Go to download 4.0 MB Multi 2021-10-09 12 12/11/2021 в 09:36 PyWorker
This is a relatively simple race I created mostly for my own use. However, I did put a decent amount of work into it, so I figured I would release it.

This is inspired by Runne and Latki's Rabbie The Moonrabbit race, though more in practical terms than conceptual, and I certainly wouldn't have managed it without their mod as a model to work from. So credit where credit is due.

Compared to the Rabbi, the Bun are much more straightforward and 'vanilla'. Though their stats do differ from the standard humans, they do not come with any unique backstories or technologies at present. This is a deliberate choice, and even if such things are added in the future, they are unlikely to significantly deviate from the standard Rimworld examples.

*This is no longer needed as of 1.3*
As a note: The mod does come with a set of tribal and outlander Bun factions, but their minimum occurrence is set to 0. This means that normally they wont show up unless another mod increases the total number of factions high enough for them to appear randomly, or just increases this number directly. I usually use [KV] Faction Control - 1.1.
*This is no longer needed as of 1.3*

This supports Animal Armor: Vanilla -
As well as Animal Equipment -
If you have one of those mods, the scarf, clothes, flak, plate, and powered armor and helmets are equipable by the bun-dogs. The bridle from Animal Equipment is also supported.

Now with built in Combat Extended patch! (let me know if you see any bugs)

Adds the Bun race to Rimworld. Buns come in both tribal and advanced flavors. Buns are smaller and weaker than humans, but have powerful legs that make them blazingly fast and allow for dangerous kicks.

- Buns are roughly 15% smaller than humans
- They eat a bit less (0.85 hunger rate)
- They carry less (65 carrying capacity)
- They're slightly less resistant to cold (Min comfy temp 18)
- It takes them longer to do things (0.85 global workspeed)
- Buns are cute and fluffy. (1 natural beauty)
- Buns are panicky and somewhat neurotic. (Mental break threshold 0.4)
- Buns are *blazingly* fast. (Move speed 6.5)

- Humanoid Alien Races 2.0

Credits and thanks:
- erdelf for the Humanoid Alien Framework
- ireth92 for the use of their Beutiful Bodies body texture as a resource
- Gloomylynx for the use of their wonderful gloomy hair and face textures as resources
- Everyone on the Rimworld Alien Races discord for their help, especially gouda quiche and Roskii
- Röstli for writing an Alpha Biomes patch
- darkmiz for their improved male bun body texture