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Bug Fixes Compilation


Extract the zip. Inside, you will find a folder for each bug fix, with one or more corresponding packages. Take the packages you want from inside the folders and paste them in your Mods folder.
• Cheer Up Parent Fix

— There’s and interaction called “Cheer Up Parent” that came with Parenthood. It’s meant to be used on sims with negative moods and has something to do with the parenting skill, but it always felt weird seeing it available on sims who aren’t even related. I made it so that the interaction will only show up on the parents or caregivers of the selected sim.
• Empty Outdoor Trash Fix

In lots with the Reduce and Recycle trait, there is an “Empty Trash” interaction on outdoor garbage cans which takes sims to a garbage dump rabbit hole. It doesn’t really make much sense, who would take their own trash to the garbage dump? This fix removes the interaction from the pie menu and prevents sims from using it autonomously.
• Go To Work Interaction Fix

The «Go To Work» interaction no longer shows up when clicking on other sims. It only appears as a self-interaction on the currently selected sim.
• Green Gardening Civic Policy Fix

The Civic Inspector will no longer fine you for not complying with the policy even when you have a garden at home.
• Gym Paparazzi Fix

Prevents paparazzi from always spawning at the gym even if there are no famous sims around.
• Hire Repair Service Preference Fix

Sims no longer have a chance to get a Handiness Preference from using the “Hire Repair Service” interaction on a broken object. They will also not get any of the preference-related buffs.
• Interaction Fame Fix

Interactions that increase your sim’s fame when done in public will no longer do so in rental lots, university housings, penthouses, tiny homes or haunted houses.
• Knitting Sit Fix

Sims no longer sit at the pool edge to knit when there are better seating options nearby.
This fix is incompatible with the Knit Quickly mod. If you want your sims to knit faster, I included three flavors (fast, faster and fastest) that speed up the interaction, exactly like Robin’s mod. Choose only one package out of all four.
• Repoman Notification Fix

Toddlers, children and pets will no longer be the subject of the repoman situation, which made no sense. Now you need a sim who’s at least a teen to be at home for the repoman to show up.
• Restaurant Eating Fix

Fixes the long standing issue of sims never finishing their meals on restaurants.
• Tiny Home Reaction Fix

Toddlers (and possibly pets) will no longer react to living in a tiny house, which stretches them in weird ways since the animation wasn’t made for the toddler rig.
If you use Better Environment Reactions from my Better Reactions mod, you do not need this!
• Vampire Invasion Fix

Restores the vampire invasions (vampires coming at night to drink your sim’s plasma) that were removed from the game at some point for no apparent reason.

Download: Bug Fixes Compilation [47 KB] (30.07.2021)

Author: lotharihoe

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