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Bill Doors’ Instant Noodles

This mod adds a new type of food, instant noodles that are preserved fine meals that’re time consuming to eat.

In case you add this mod mid-save: remember to allow insta noodles in the food restriction

These instant noodles comes with classic (like vanilla fine meals that needs animal ingredients and vegetables), vegetarian and pure meat variants.
If VCE-fishing is installed, fishy fish flavor will also be available.
Instant noodles are unlocked by packaged survival meal tech, and are crafted at stoves.

Instant noodles are fast to cook, made in larger bulk, lasts forever and gives fine food mood gain, they also have a larger stack size.
However instant noodles waste some ingredient like packaged survival meal, and takes half a hour to consume.

What’s special:
Unique eating graphic showing an opened, cooked, steaming instant noodle bowl instead of normal sealed graphic!
And it actually steams!

Download: Bill Doors’ Instant Noodles [1.1 MB] (2022-03-05)

Author: 3HST有限公司, andery233xj

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