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bikinitools — independent vehicle spawner, skin changer and automations!

Important info regarding versions and multiplayer
The only version i would say this runs on as it was designed to is 41.56 IWBUMS. I have tested it with 41.60 SP and it also worked, but seeing that that version is a beta of a beta, I won’t be endorsing the usage on 41.60 and I won’t patch anything until the current MP branch is merged with IWBUMS.

I also have not tested the usage in MP but this mod was designed for SP usage anyways. I will have a look at it in the coming days or when the branches are merged. With the combined problems of workshop updates and mod version mismatches any kind of update would be too risky at the moment.

Thank you for your understanding.

What’s this?
This is a collection of things I find useful and / or lacking while playing or to help with some annoying things, mostly while in Debug mode. It will be expanded with new things as I see fit and I wanted to share it with the community.

Important info regarding enabled modules
I consider many of the current and future modules cheating because they were not necessarily designed for normal gameplay so most of them will be disabled by default, which will be noted in the module list.

This mod comes with its own configuration tool you can access from the «bikinitools» menu. The settings are saved in a file so no third party mod is needed.

Short overview of current modules / features

Enabled by default:
  • Gravel Buddy: automatically pick up dirt / sand / gravel in an area (Description)
  • Corpse stacker: automatically pick up corpses in an area and stack them at the center (Description)
  • Gardener: automatically remove grass and / or shrubbery in an area (Description)
  • Lumberjack: automatically chop trees in an area. Keep your exhaustion in mind. (Description)
  • Container unloader: drop items in furniture to the floor (Description)
  • Home wrecker: automatically scrap all furniture you can in an area. Tools have to be in inventory. (Description)

Disabled by default:
  • Spawn vehicles, modded or vanilla, without the need to load any lists, plugins etc first. If the game can spawn it, you can too. Of course the vehicle mods have to be active in the save game to show up in the menu. (Description)
  • Change vehicle skins if they allow it. Cycling and direct selection possible. (Description)
  • You can «find» an open door on a locked vehicle. This means one random door gets unlocked (mostly at the back), not all or the driver’s door. (Description)
  • Create new keys for vehicles without losing functionality of existing ones (Description)
  • Repair vehicles from the context menu (Description)
  • Remove single or all vehicles in your cell (Description)
  • Unlock vehicle trunks and containers from the context menu (Description)
  • Hide / show equipped hand items on enter / leave vehicle to increase immersion when player is visible in the vehicle (Description)

Detailed module descriptions
To shorten this page I have moved the feature overview here.

Available languages
EN | DE | CN by hollaming | PTBR by desze

If you want to translate this mod into other languages, put your translation here. I will include it with the next update.

This mod was tested with about 100 other and popular mods enabled, so should work fine but there could be conflicts i have not yet come to find. Always back up your saves properly. This mod was made on / for B41 IWBUMS. I have never used, nor will I use B40, so expect this to only work properly on B41. Automations don’t always work with max speed, which I can’t work around. Speed 2 is alright in most cases. Beware of automatic level changes when the game is lagging, as it might crash.

KI5 for creating the mod poster and helping me with the screenshot graphics. I am an absolute idiot with image editors. Additional thanks for encouraging me to finally create a mod and learn lua, and many of the ideas to the modules included in here, as well as testing of the mod. If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s his workshop

Other stuff
If you like the mod and want to help me, please don’t forget to rate it. Also please consider donating a coffee[ko-fi.com]. It would mean a lot to me.


Tags:B41,Framework,Utility,QOL,Vehicles,Automation,Corpses,Gravel,Dirt,Sand,Vehicle Skins,Unlocker

Workshop ID: 2634426926
Mod ID: bikinitools

Download: bikinitools — independent vehicle spawner, skin changer and automations! [322.7 KB] (2022-04-30)

Author: bikinihorst

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