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Better Pyromania

This is a small overhaul mod for Rimworld’s Pyromaniac trait, inspired by multiple discussion threads on the r/Rimworld Subreddit. Its purpose is to overhaul the Pyromaniac trait from a self-destructive flaw to a fascination/interest that has both positive and negative benefits.

This mod is safe to add to an existing save, and should be safe to remove from an existing save as well, though you may get a one-time series of red errors from missing needs bars on Pyromaniac pawns.

The following components of the vanilla Pyromaniac trait have been modified:

  • Pyromaniac no longer renders a pawn incapable of Firefighting. (Note, however, that Pyromaniac pawns who have Firefighting disabled from their backstories will still be incapable of Firefighting.)
  • Pyromaniac no longer forces random mental breaks.
  • Pyromaniac no longer reduces the market value of a pawn by 20%.

The following components of the vanilla Pyromaniac trait have not been changed:

  • Pyromaniacs are still only capable of having Fire Starting Sprees as a mental break.
  • Pyromaniacs still gain a mood boost from having an incendiary weapon equipped, however this bonus has been reduced from +5 to +2.
  • [Royalty] Pyromaniacs are still capable of using fires as a meditation focus.

The follow components have been added to the Pyromaniac trait:

  • Pyromaniac now adds a Fire need bar.
  • This bar decreases by 30% every 24 hours (1.25% per hour) while the pawn is awake and not near a source of fire. With an average sleep schedule, this means that an average pawn should take around 4.5 days to go from a full bar to empty.
  • This bar increases at a rate of 12% per hour while the pawn is within 10 tiles of a contained fire. A contained fire is defined as a building that has a visible, open flame on it: this includes torches, darklight torches, campfires, darklight campfires, braziers, and darklight braziers. This does not increase with additional contained fires within their sight radius.
  • This bar increases at a rate of 20% per hour while the pawn is within 10 tiles of an uncontained fire. This does not increase with additional fires within their sight radius, and supersedes the increase from being near a contained fire.
  • This bar increases by 12% every time the pawn ignites a fire. This includes fires ignited during a Fire Starting Spree mental break.
  • This bar increases by 16% every time the pawn fires or throws an incendiary weapon.
  • Colonists with the Pyromaniac trait can do flame-watching as a form of solitary relaxation, seeking out a nearby contained flame and fulfilling their Fire need and Joy at the same time.

Need Level
Mood Effect

I am still very new to making code-based mods, so comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!

Download: Better Pyromania [873 KB] (2022-01-14)

Author: Aelanna

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