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Better Pie Menu

What does the mod do?

During the update of my The Purchase Item Overhaul Pack Mod (its new version will be released soon), I made the following small mod as a by-product.

This mod creates a better overview in the pie menu structure for some objects in the game (e.g. computer, TV, Sim).

The main goal is to reduce the number of clicks on «More Choices» (ohh how I hate that) and to make the search faster with suitable icons. In addition, the priority of unimportant folders has been decreased and the priority of the important folder has been increased instead.

A few new super categories were also created on the computer and the sub-folders reorganized. 

Installation instruction

There are two packages in the archive: the main mod and the integration add-on. You should ONLY install the add-on if you are also using my Purchase Items Overhaul Mod. If you do not have my Purchase Overhaul Mod, please delete the add-on after unpacking the archive, otherwise the main mod will not work either!

Possible compatibility problems

The mod only overwrites the so-called «Pie Menu Category Tuning» of some menu categories. However, no interaction tuning is affected, so that conflicts can only arise with mods that also modify the Pie Menu Category Tuning.


No translation is necessary, as I only use the existing game strings in the mod so that it is immediately available in all languages

How to install this mod?

  • Extract all files from the zip archive!
  • Copy the *.package File into you Sims 4 Mods Folder!
  • Path: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods
  • Please make sure to delete the old version of the mod!

Download: Better Pie Menu [128.94 KB] (2022-02-01)

Author: andiberlin

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