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Better lockpicking


— Adds the mechanics of breaking the locks of doors, windows and cars using a bobbypin or crowbar. Lockpicking is done with mini-games!
— Adds a mini-game of lockpicking ignition using wires. Also, the ignition lock can be broken with a bobbypin and a screwdriver.
— Adds the ability to check the alarms of home and cars
— Adds the «Lockpicking» skill.
— Adds the Lockpicking perk and expands the Burglar profession


To check the alarm, read the «Alarm for Dummies» magazine. Next, to check the house alarm, right-click on the window/door and select the menu item. To check the car alarm, select an item in the radial menu while standing at the car hood.


— In order to start lockpicking you need to read the «Lockpicking for Dummies» magazine. To lockpick doors/windows, right-click on them and select lockpick. To break with a bobbypin, you need a bobbypin and a screwdriver. For breaking with a crowbar — a crowbar.
— Also, your skill level should match the difficulty level of the lock. I recommend pumping the skill on easy locks (starting with very easy ones).
— To hack a car, go to the door that you want to open and select an item in the radial menu. (the item will appear only if the door is locked)
— When breaking with a bobbypin, you can try to unlock the lock by force if you are in a hurry. But the chance of success is small.
— Mini-game lockpicking with a bobbypin — Similar to the logic of lockpicking from Fallout/Skyrim. You need to choose the desired angle of the bobbypin and turn the lock
— Mini-game breaking with a crowbar — You need to press the Space bar in time to open the door faster.

Ignition switch

— Mini-game finding 2 ignition wires — you need to find 2 wires from the lower wires and connect them.
— Now you can lockpick the ignition lock with a bobbypin (if your skill level matches the difficulty of the lock)


— Lockpicking magazine
— Alarm magazine
— Bobbypin
— Homemade bobbypin (made from paper clips (You need a screwdriver for this!))

Play with pleasure 😀

If you want support me:
ko-fi.com/ibrrus (send with comment Lockpick)
— yandex: 4100115001181804

— Now you can lock doors by lockpicking
— Better balance in difficult level of locks of cars/doors/windows
— Better UI hotwire
— Added translates

Big update!
— Changed the balance of the lockpicking. Now you can try to pick any lock. The higher the level, the easier it is to lockpick and the less chance of breaking the lock/window.
— Now you can not break the ignition locks with a lockpick (Balance)
— The progress of lockpicking with a crowbar is saving now
— Fixed a bug that it is impossible to lockpick the door inside buildings
— Improved alarm check process
— Increased strength of the lockpick
— Added new translations

— Fixed bug with speed in crowbar minigame

— Added Spanish

— Updated for 41.53 (Thanks for help Erivan!)

Workshop ID: 2368058459
Mod ID: betterLockpicking

Download: Better lockpicking [2.7 MB] (2021-12-11)

Author: Aiteron, YingSuHuaKai

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