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Better Belts

++Hooked bottles added.

++Belt options, you can choose how many slots the belt gives through a simple recipe. In addition, a holster recipe was added, and the option to change the holster side does not replace the previous one, so you can have for example: a pistol in 2, another in 7.

++ Added cd players on the front. For use with SurvivorRadio CD Addon.

++ This mod adds two spaces to add things to the belt, two in front where you can put water bottles and walkie talkies.

++ Launchbox, MedKits, and ToolBox can now be placed on the back if a Hook is first put (lootable).

++ A Quiver was added, it is equipped on the back, to use it together with the Crossbow mod, and the idea is
that it is only used to store your bolts, but at the moment you can save what you want (I need help on how to make it
exclusive for bolts).

++Reduce the weight of the walkie talkies, when the multiplayer is ready, I will increase them a bit.

Suggestion:If you use this mod with GEAR you will have more functional hotkeys, from 5 in vanilla to 10 with its mod.

+++++++Combinable with Backpack Overhaul.+++++++

Workshop ID: 2127583399
Mod ID: Better Belts

Download: Better Belts [4.4 MB] (2022-01-16)

Author: EyWind, djvirus, MayRum

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