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Basemental Inspired Sех Addiction Mod

The mod is meant for people over 18 years old.

This mod is heavily inspired by the great work of the Basemental team and their Basemental Drugs mod. This mod wouldn’t exist if they didn’t exist.

This mod adds the possibility that your Sim may develop a sex addiction due to having too much sex.

If your Sim has Woohoo at least 2 times per day, they can get the Addiction debuff, it will last for 5 days and will refresh every time the Sim has Woohoo. Your Sim will also experience increased fun and fading social needs. If your Sim manages to abstain from sex for 5 consecutive days, he/she will overcome the addiction, but is more likely to return to it. In addition, addicted Sims may lose some reputation during sex.

If your Sim is not flirtatious and becomes addicted, their trait will be removed and replaced with a romantic trait.

Your Sim can confess their sorry state to other Sims. This can lead to many different results…

By having sex, celebrities can find out that they are sex addicts and they will become known to the public. This will lead to a huge increase in fame, but an equally huge loss in popularity. The likelihood of this is based on the sim’s renown, meaning that a sim with a high celebrity level has a higher chance of this leak than a sim with a low level.

If you want to prevent your Sim from getting addicted, limit their interaction with WooHoo to a maximum of 1 per 24 hours and your Sim won’t develop any addiction. (or just don’t use this mod, it works too…)

Compatibility and requirements

This mod does not require any other mods to work. WickedWhims is NOT required, although highly recommended, both WW genders as well as the standard WooHoo interaction can trigger the effects of this mod.

No baseline medications are required either. While sex addiction is conceived similarly to BMD addiction, there is no actual overlap and this mod can be used independently of BMD.

Download: Basemental Inspired Sех Addiction Mod [33.56 KB] (2022-01-24)

Author: Docche

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