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Autotsar Tuning Atelier — Dadge Steals RT Twin Turbo ’91

Many of our customers complained that we produced some strange cars.
«Fjord’s, Jaap’s, what are these cars from the future? We’re not ready for that in 1993», some said.

Well, it’s time for the new fit car.
We present you a gem of the American car industry — Dadge Steals RT Twin Turbo ’91. Inimitable design, unparalleled in the world and even in Japan.

At your disposal:
  • roof rack,
  • rear window rack,
  • windshield and side window protection,
  • wheel protection,
  • several types of bullbars.
But the main feature of this unique car is a functional retractable headlight.
You can find instructions on how to make most of the attachments in our new issue of Autotsar Tuning Atelier.

The mod was commissioned by Deserter.
Thank you Deserter. We were a pleasure to work on this car.

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You can freely use this mod on your server. We publish information about mod update times on Discord in advance: https://discord.gg/PHhsuQxDue

The information below is mainly for other modders and modpackers:
Mod permission according to TIS policy (click on the picture):
Redistribution of this mod without explicit permission from the original creator is prohibited under any circumstances. This includes, but not limited to, uploading this mod to the Steam Workshop or any other site, distribution as part of another mod or modpack, distribution of modified versions. The product can be published on Steam only through an account with the name iBrRus.
© 2022 iBrRus

Workshop ID: 2743496289
Mod ID: ATA_Dadge

Download: Autotsar Tuning Atelier — Dadge Steals RT Twin Turbo ’91 [7.1 MB] (2022-02-05)

Author: iBrRus, nesterovoa, MrDanny

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