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AutoSmoke + smoking improvements

Your character will smoke cigarettes automatically and more.

  • Put cigarettes, opened or closed packs, cartons and lighter or matches anywhere in your inventory and forget about mouse clicking to smoke. Your character will automatically take out a cigarette, unpacking cartons and opened/closed packs if necessary (cigarette cases will not be opened automatically), and smoke it* before he gets nervous. And, of course, he will put them back from where he took them.
  • For your convenience the mod will pick a pack and a lighter which have the least amount of contents left first.
  • Unpacking and smoking will be done while walking or driving (not while running, sprinting, strafing).
  • If your character is out of cigarettes or matches/lighters he will say something. I tried my best to make it not annoying, so he will say it 3 times within at least 30 in-game minutes.
  • Your character can throw away cigarette butts after smoking.
  • Your character can put cigarette butts in an ashtray after smoking (only for the Smoker mod).
  • No more cigarette butts after smoking**.
  • Hotkey for smoking (backspace by default, can be changed).

Auto smoking will not interrupt actions (e.g. if your character reads a book, he will not smoke until he finishes it).

Small QoL improvements
  • If you choose to smoke manually (by clicking the Smoke menu option) your character will choose a lighter/matches with the least amount of contents left. This won’t affect any other items and actions except cigarettes from the vanilla and supported mods.
  • You can light a cigarette from a campfire.
  • Cigarette butts will no longer be marked as favorite after smoking a favorite cigarette.

Game version: Build 41.56+ (MP supported)
*Smoker adds a nicotine chewing gum, you can turn on the option to chew this gum instead of smoking. Can be helpful if you want to quit smoking.

Supported Combinations
  • Smoker + Green Fire + Hydrocraft (Smoker handles this itself)
  • More Cigarettes Mod + Green Fire (More Cigarettes Mod handles this itself)
  • Green Fire + Hydrocraft

This mod requires Mod Options.

Hotkey (default: backspace)
You can assign other key in Options -> Key Bindings -> Hotkeys.
For other options go to Options -> Mods -> AutoSmoke.

Auto Smoking (default: enabled)
Turns the auto smoking on/off. QoL improvements and a hotkey will still work.

Other options are self-explanatory.

  • Steam Remote Play — never played together, did not test, do not support.
  • Littering B41 (will, probably, work in combination with Smoker + Littering Patch)
  • Others are unknown at this time.

This mod is translated into:
— English, Russian
— Brazilian Portuguese — by TheArquimedes
— French — by i_am_dost
— Italian — by Samael
— Spanish — by homeless2b
— Turkish — by SariserpitoTR

MINISTRY OF HEALTH WARNING: Smoking kills you, not zombies!

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Redistribution of this mod without explicit permission from the original creator is prohibited under any circumstances. This includes, but not limited to, uploading this mod to the Steam Workshop or any other site, distribution as part of another mod or modpack, distribution of modified versions.
© 2022 NoctisFalco

Workshop ID: 2643751872
Mod ID: AutoSmoke

Download: AutoSmoke + smoking improvements [599 KB] (2021-12-11)

Author: NoctisFalco

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