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Authentic Z

The Best and most Realistic zombie outfit distribution mod.

This mod adds a variety of zones into the game which gives zombies outfits to match their surroundings.
It also adds over 140 custom outfits which are appropriately placed on zombies in the world.

Goals of this mod:
  • Add the unused zombie outfits that the Indie Stone developers made
  • Add iconic George Romero-esque zombie outfits (Which may also hold items in their hands!)
  • Add appropriate setting and rarity for their clothing and items.
Here are some of the main features of Authentic Z.
  • Backpack attachments. Upgrade your bags through 3 tiers to add more attachment slots!
  • Adds a new custom costume shop in Louisville. You will find lots of fun clothing in there.
  • The Crossroads Mall spawn random zombies = Random FUN!
  • The March Ridge Dormitory is rezoned to have unique zombie placement within it.
  • Ice Cream workers at each Ice Cream shop.
  • Dedicated spawns for Hazmat zombie, Service Uniform zombie, and Ghillie Suit zombie at the Secret Base
  • The large campgrounds, southwest from Riverside, are rezoned into Friday the 13th’s Camp Crystal Lake. Find Jason, before he finds you! Includes other slashers like Michael Myers and Leather Face!
  • Student and Varsity zombies at schools have been fixed to only have realistic hairstyles.
  • Fisherman and Poncho zombies alongside lakes and rivers (If zombies spawn there)
  • Hunter Zombies chance at isolated cabins and hunting stands.
  • Zombified Heroes from all your favorite zombie media
  • Famous Zombies from the zombie genre
  • Clown zombies……Yes……Clown Zombies
  • and a nice hit-list with checkboxes so you can log your progress! Great for late-game content!

Supported Translations
  • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Always looking for more translators! Want to help? Contact me!

Incompatible Mods:
Geared Zombies

Future Plans
If you want to keep up to date with the current progress and future plans, check out the official Trello page for the mod! [trello.com]

Common Q&As

Q: Is Authentic Z compatible with the the newest Build 41 Patch? (41.65)
A: Authentic Z is fully compatible with the 41.65 update!

Q: Can Authentic Z run on Build 40?
A: No, this mod is incompatible with Build 40. Build 41 only.

Q: Is Authentic Z compatible with [X] mod?
A: Possibly. Ask about it in the comment section below.

Q:Does this add zombies? There are too many of them!
A: This mod does not spawn zombies. It spawns certain outfits on zombies at different rates.

Q: Does this add special-ability zombie types? Like in TerrorZed, Soul Filcher’s Turning Time, or Weird Helis?
A: Not currently. Maybe in the future.

Q: What do I do with the AuthenticZBackpacks+ module?
A: This branch is for the people who only want the backpack system that AuthenticZ offers. Do NOT enable this with the regular Authentic Z branch — It will create redundancies.

Q: I do not like [X] module. Can you make another branch to separate it out?
A: Typically this is a no. But if you ask nicely, I may.

Q: I found [X] bug or error. Can you fix this?
A: Sure! My goal is to have the mod as compatible as possible with any mod whenever possible. Please state what error you found and if you have any other mods that may have caused the conflict.

Q: Does this work with Multiplayer????
A: Yes. This mod has been extensively tested in MP across many servers.

Q: When joining a modded server, I get the error «File doesn’t match the one on the server» How to fix??
A: I wrote up a guide on this, give it a read and try out the methods. [theindiestone.com]

I hope you enjoy and have lots of fun.


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Workshop ID: 2335368829
Mod ID: AuthenticZBackpacks+
Mod ID: Authentic Z — Current
Map Folder: AZSpawn

Download: Authentic Z [206.3 MB] (2022-05-07)

Author: Michael Chickson, Authentic Peach

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