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Absolutely More Cannons

Turret Data Spreadsheet
All the stats of the Turrets and Ammunitions for both Vanilla AMC and Combat Extended AMC are documented in this spreadsheet:


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Known Issues
  • Everytime when a save is loaded, and when an AMC turret is clicked or selected from build menu, an error would shows up once but doesn’t have any other impact to the gameplay other than being annoying. This is actually a limitation from the game itself. whenever you have a turret that has fire range more than 59 tiles, that error would shows up.

  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Combat Extended and SYR’s Bullet Casings.
  • Should be fine with other mods and also should be fine to add the mod to an existing save.

CE Version
Want to use this mod along with Combat Extended? Go subscribe the CE Version instead of this

  • Q: Are you going to add more unmanned turrets?
  • A: Yes

  • Some of the textures are made by Baget
  • Most of the sounds are recorded from in-game War Thunder[warthunder.com]

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Tags: turrets, autocannons, cannon, artillery, aa gun, tank guns, big guns, ship guns, naval guns,

Download: Absolutely More Cannons [49.2 MB] (2021-08-01)

Author: Fary

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