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A Forgotten World

Introduction: I started working on this mod back in february 2018 (I have worked on it on and off over the years) because i felt like there wasn’t enough «endgame» challenges, things to build/research etc. So i decided to build a mod for myself, but have decided that i might aswell share it since i spend somwhere between 600-900 hours making and testing it. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it aswell i do. I have tried to stay «true» to the vanilla experience, and yet at the same time, expand the kenshi world quite heavliy. The mod is far from «finished» and im not sure when/if i will finish it since i still have a long «To Do list» and a ton of ideas written down. Im currently studying and i have a girlfriend aswell so dont expect frequent updates.

Note: When i started working on this mod, limbs, crossbows and the last section of the map wasn’t there yet, so i havent really done much with that yet but i plan to do.

Credits: I used the expanded Cities mods (except for Squin and stack) I have made changes & tweaks etc.
But AI-Mod really helped quite a lot so thank you so much for that ZarkXavox!

Important!!!: I recommend not using any other mods unless they only do/add «small» things. For example, recruit prisoners mod should work just fine with this.
The reason is that other mods might cause conflicts.

I am proud to present: A Forgotten World — A Kenshi expansion.

«New/added stuff»:
Over 100 new research!
Over 150, «new» buildings/furnitures etc.
Over 35 new items.
2 new Weapon models: Legendary and Legendary masterpiece.
1 New weaopon manufracturer: TAO. (Very rare and powerful weapons but «hard» to get).
New and more backpacks.
More Npc’s roam the world.
New npc’s roam the world.
New minor factions.
A few more game starts to choose from.
Strong midgame/lategame and endgame bosses/monsters/npc’s (titans) in the world. (some of the endgame bosses/monsters requires thought and strategy to win against, and not just alot of strong units).
More and new caravans roam the world.
New & improved farms, wells, generators, batteries, mines and more.
New energy «sources».
Some advanced research you need to find/buy/quest from Special npc etc.
New narcotics.
New trade items/valuables.
New food
More armours to craft.
And more (too much to write down)!

Expanded vanilla Cities:
Drifter’s Last.
Bad Teeth
Clownsteady (EC-mod)
Blister hill (EC-mod + extra)
The hub (EC-mod + extra)
South Hub (EC-mod)
World’s End
Flats lagoon
Black Scratch

New citites/towns/outpost/places:
Tonnskinn (City, Skeleton city).
Bravoos (City, Free Traders).
Ancient Skeleton Lab x3 (valuable stuff to get, but guarded by strong units)
Techhunters lab. x 1 (Special Techhunter shop with special NPC (boss), requires good standing to buy from him)
Smugglers Den (Village)
Smugglers outpost x3
Barag (Military outpost, Endgame challange)

Some of the new features:
Tech 7 (rumors around the world of tech beyond lvl 7)
Ability to craft robotics, AI cores, Books.
Ability to craft backpacks also better/buffed ones later in tech lvl.
Book shop added to a lot of cities, where u can buy new tech, books etc.
Training swords, training bows
New and better training dummies.
«Combat» animals/companions.
Belts & googles — Improves ur combat abilities and/or protects you from weather conditions.
Semi-automated turrets.
«portable» / Fast buildable turrets, place turrets anywhere in no time.
Autmoated mines/refineries.
Quest/dialogue with «special» triggers/requirements for you to «unlock». (planning to make a lot more quests).
Tier V walls with actually working ramps and nodes for turrets placement.

Squad limit set to 256
3 on 1 combat.
Shopping list of most NPC, and more money to make them buy more stuff (Should be balanced so its not OP).
Shopkeepers money count and item count (start money is set to 50-65k, but depending how much they have bought/sold when u comeby, they will have more or less then that).
Construction cost for most buildings.
Research cost for existing research to match the new features.
Reworked/improved Farms, generators, wells, batteries, mines and more.
Almost all Guards/npc in cities/outposts have received major buffs so u cant just go in with 1-3 high skilled guys and kill all anymore (unless u have very endgame gear perhaps).
Added/reworked caravans (shopping list/what they buy, how often they spawn, increased squad size to better survive in wilderness).
Storages, to hold more items.
Most items are now stackable to atleast 5.
Reworked backpacks.

Block chance (base block is now 40%, vanilla was 70%, if u and ur opponents skills are matched. And 10% increase/decrease per 10 lvls above/below, before was 12% increase and 15% reduction per 10 lvl) This is to prevent players/enemies who are stronger to just block almost all attacks from people with lower lvls. before a lvl 90 defence/attack char would in theory have 100% block chance against a lvl 60 enemy. Which was too «OP», especially when vanilla was set to 1on1 combat.

Download: A Forgotten World [30.5 MB] (2022-01-12)

Author: Chaplinchap

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