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I added at your request fashion. Noir's Rifle Slings Katanas and Machetes on Back or Belt

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All 5 Luxury Chests in Tatarasun


Treasure hunt in Kannazuka and Tatarasuna in Genshin Impact. 

In the central area of ​​Inazuma, known as Kannazuka, there are a lot of things to do. If you decide to do some research, you will likely find many treasures as well. Here's our guide to all the locations of the Luxury Chests in Kannazuka and the guide to the Electro or Power Barrier puzzle in Tatarasuna.

Kannazuka Island Luxury Chest Locations and Electric Barrier Puzzle Guide

On Kannazuka Island, Genshin Impact has at least five deluxe chests. You can refer to the map below, it shows the location of each:

Luxurious chest # 1: Tatarasuna (next to the teleport)

At the southernmost point of the teleporter, there is a Deluxe Chest at the very edge of the cliff.

The fun part is how it unlocks!

You have to stand very close to the edge of the cliff (one leg of the character should literally hang over the abyss) and it will open. Agree, this is not a typical way to open a chest in Genshin Impact.

Probably, the developers decided to hint at a way to unlock by placing the chest partially overhanging the abyss.

Tip: To get to the very edge of the cliff and not fall, switch to walking. This can be done by pressing ctrl (if you are playing on PC).

Luxurious Chest # 2: Tatarasuna (Northwest Island)

There is a small island to the northwest of Tatarasuna. To open this chest, simply find the three Electro-Fairies floating around. Follow them until they are all on their altars.

Luxurious chest # 3: Tatarasuna (center)

In order to find this chest, you will need to destroy the barrier that prevents you from going to the center of Tatarasuna. To do this, you need to complete the quest "Tales from the Tatars", where you will destroy it with the help of three cannons.

If you go to the central area under Mount Mikage, you will find a challenge marker. Activate it and defeat the three Thunderhelm Lavachurls to get your loot.

Luxurious chest # 4: Tatarasuna (center)

This chest also goes hand in hand with the Tales from the Tatara quest. However, you need to find three Keys to something, which will open the gate of the Armory room (next to area # 3). The Sumptuous Chest drops the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa weapon. Be careful, in the cave you will be attacked by 3 Ruin Mechanisms.

Note: The fifth and final location requires some further explanation, so let's move on to the next part of our guide to luxury chests in Kannazuka and Tatarasuna.

Electro Barrier Puzzle in Tatarasun

You will find this puzzle at the location indicated on the map above (you will also find Mysterious Shells here). Not far from the shore, there is an electro-barrier and several stone cube puzzles.

You can actually shoot your bow through the Thunder Barrier and if you can line up all the blocks correctly, a Deluxe Chest will appear. The puzzle is quite simple, when the Luxury Chest appears, all you have to do is go through the Thunder Barrier, but not everything is so simple ...

Here's how to do it.

Nearby you will see Thunder Sakura (the bush that gives Electrogranum), but it will not be active or activated. From any other Thunder Sakura to run far and the electrogranum can have time to disappear, so we need to activate this one. For this we need to bring three "Electro-Fairies".

Place 1

See four stone electric blocks in the shallow waters nearby. They need to be positioned so that the same number of "petals" on each block would light up (in my case, there were 2). Solving the puzzle will summon an Electro Fairy or a bolt that will usually lead you to the chests in Inazuma.

We need to escort the Fairy to the Thunder Sakura branch.

Place 2

There is a challenge marker nearby. Activate it and defeat the appeared Fatui.

To win, start with Fatui's Skirmisher: Hydro Bombardier so that he doesn't heal the rest. Then the hardest thing will be to defeat the Mirror Maiden Fatui ... eat something to attack, electro attacks work well against her.

Place 3

On the way to the location of the chest, you probably saw three things - these are "Probes for finding lightning." These arrows react to electricity, turn towards an electro-object, be it a monster with electro status or a character with electro granum. The easiest way is to take Bei Dou (did you already get her in the Thunderstorm Imprints event?), Her elemental skill imposes electro status on the character and with her help turn the arrows in the desired direction.

These arrows do not have to point all in the same direction.

In order to understand in which direction you need to turn the arrow, look at its stone pedestal. One of the four divisions on it will be enlarged. This is the right side!

If you turned all the arrows to the correct position, but the fairy did not appear, then this is a bug (glitch) in the game, maybe it will be fixed in the next update, but now you will be helped by restarting the game. This method helps to get rid of many bugs.

If this does not help, then try to exit the game, start the launcher, select "Restore Game" in the launcher menu (gear) and then start it.

After opening the chest, you can fly upward with the help of electrogranum to take Electrokul high in the air.