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I added at your request fashion. Noir's Rifle Slings Katanas and Machetes on Back or Belt

2 days, 14 hours ago

Ximerius, steam has disabled my account with download support... My automatic mod version control system has stopped working. I'll try to figure out what's wrong, so the mods will be delayed in downloading for now.

6 days, 12 hours ago

hey man, hope all is well with you. if you could add these when you'll have time would be much appreciated. Noir's Rilfe Slings, Katanas and Machetes on Back or Belt. thanks

6 days, 20 hours ago
@Razilator Authentic Z

Ximerius, good. I was away. All added what you asked for.

1 week, 5 days ago
@Ximerius Authentic Z

Razilator, honestly, thank you ! i've found some good ones for the immersion purposes ... Better Belts ; Harry's Healthier Skin Complexions . i won't bother you again for a while, i promise. :)

1 week, 6 days ago
@Razilator Authentic Z

Ximerius, thank you very much for your feedback. I will try to work even more on automating the system for adding mods and updating. Thanks to people like you, I feel motivated again to work with code for uploading mods. Mods have been added at your request and will be updated automatically if the mod is updated in Steam. And yes! Friend! NE ZA CHTO!)

2 weeks ago

SimNation Travel

Link Info Language Version Loads Loaded Created by
Go to download Unknown Multi v3.9 / 2022.01.15 27 22/01/2022 в 12:15 Razilator
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Ready to hop of to Mt. Komorebi to test the slopes? Going for a weekend getaway to Granite Falls? Or ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Batuu? Not so fast! Not without a handy license and motor vehicle registration for that car you bought from the catalogue, or a subway pass for the children, or travel reservations and your passport for that international destination.

Speaking of going on a trip; you must book plane reservations and put down a vacation rental deposit. And let's not forget, you must have a passport to visit far away locales like Selvadorada. Just going from Willow Creek to Grandma's in Newcrest? Make sure you have gas in the car, your subway pass is ready, or your bicycle is registered. And if your teens are sick of using the subway, they can take formal or informal driving lessons to get ready for licensure. Travel free and loose no more!


  • Travel Requires a Mode: Bike, Subway Pass, Car, or Plane for International Travel
  • Apply and Renew Passport
  • Buy 7, 14, or 28 Day Subway Pass
  • Go to DMV to get a license
  • Driver's Education and Informal Lessons with Adult Household Members for Teens
  • Buy title for your Sim's car: it requires a license and gas once a week
  • Book Travel Reservations to travel internationally
  • Put down Vacation Rental Deposit before you can travel internationally
  • New Reward Trait: Prepared Traveler
  • New Travel Aspiration: Seasoned Traveler
  • New Travel-related Career: Travel Magazine Critic

How It Works

Most options are available on the phone and computer (under my general pie menus) but if you don't see one in one place, check the other. Most career interactions are available on the computer and tablet the exception being location check-in which requires the phone.
Domestic Travel

All active sims (excluding toddlers) will need a way to travel in order to leave their home lot. This only affects travel via the phone menu and relationship panel as well as elevators and travel boards. It does not affect travel from the street. You can also only have one primary mode of transportation at a time - the most recent mode of transportation selected will always be the primary. The following modes of transportation are available:

Subway Pass

All sims child and up can use a subway pass. Subway passes are the cheapest mode of transportation and cost between $20 for a Youth 7-day pass and $130 for an Adult 28 day pass. Discounts are available for children, teens, and elders. A 7, 14, or 28 Day pass are available. When a Sim's pass expires, they will not be able to travel and will need to get a new one. The subway pass will be delivered to the Sim's inventory.

Bike (Requires Discover University)

Your sim can purchase a bike as usual. Once a sim has a bike, it will need to be registered. This essentially, as far as the mod is concerned, marks the sim who registers the bike as the owner. What that means is that it will consider that Sim to have a bike but anyone else in the household will either need to register their own bikes, buy a car, or get a subway pass. Registered bikes will need to be serviced every 21 days. When in need of service, it will be unusable and until sent in. In order to be serviced, it must first be placed in the Sim's inventory. Servicing takes about 90 minutes.


Buying a Car

All Sims teen and up are eligible to purchase a car (from Buy mode under Outdoor/Transportation). Each car has a price tag, an eco footprint, and an environmental score. If a Sim buys a sedan - or an average eco footprint car - it ranks differently than a muscle car/utility vehicle like a van or pickup truck or a hybrid vehicle like the euro car (from GTW) or a hybrid version of the BG coupe.

Mid-sized sedans (normal eco footprint of -1) are great values as they are reasonably fuel efficient and require a normal amount of maintenance. Muscle Car or Utility Vehicles are larger and thus are not as fuel efficient as sedans or hybrids but they also don't require as much maintenance. Hybrid vehicles cost more but provide better fuel mileage and require maintenance slightly less often than sedans.

License and Registration

In order to actually drive the car bought, first, they must apply for a license at local DMV. Wait times vary. Once a license has been obtained, the license will be in the Sim's inventory and then they can purchase a car/title. The Sim who registers the car is the owner of that vehicle. Note that when the game loads there is a small, random chance for sims young adult and up to already have their license.

Driving Lessons

Teens can get a license only if they complete Driver's Education lessons ($50/lesson) or ask an older family member (who has a license, a car with fuel and doesn't need maintenance) to teach them how to drive. This option is only available if the car is not in the inventory! A hidden driving skill will determine when they are eligible. Driving lessons, formal or informal, increase the skill, though formal driving lessons are noticeably more effective. When they are eligible to get their license, you will receive a notification.

Fuel and Maintenance

Service maintenance depends on the type of car but usually is needed between every 14-28 days, costs between $150-$250 depending on type of car, and takes about 2 hours and gas is usually needed every 7-10 days. Maintenance takes about 2-3 hours. Filling up takes about 15 minutes and costs between $20-$30 depending on type of car. Your Sim will receive a notification when it is time for service and when the gas gauge is low. If your Sim no longer wants to deal with the hassle of owning a car, they are able to sell it. Note that the only way to get rid of a car is to use the Sell Car interaction on the car.

International Travel

To travel  internationally to Windenburg, Selvadorada, Sulani, Batuu, Granite Falls, or Mt. Komorebi (if your sim does not live there) requires a passport and advance reservations. They will then go to the airport for about an hour before heading to their final destination.


Sims can obtain an initial passport by filling out an application online and then going to the Passport Office. Once at the passport office, Sims will choose a shipping speed to receive your passport. The options are to receive it within 12 hours to the Sim's inventory (Express Service), within 12-24 hours in the mail (Expedited Service), or within 24-48 hours in the mail (Standard Service). Sims will pay a fee for both the passport itself and the shipping. The shipping speed chosen will be for all Sims present at the Passport Office.

Advance Reservations

Once Sims have a passport in their inventory, they are able to book travel reservations and put down vacation rental deposits. A vacation rental deposit and travel reservations are required before a Sim can go on vacation/travel international. Sims may choose a range they're willing to put down for the deposit.

For travel reservations they must specify the whether they are flying in Economy seating or First Class. They will receive a random buff based on the fare class and a chance to get travel-sick and/or loose their luggage. Fees are adjusted accordingly. Only one reservation for travel and vacation rental per household is needed.

Passport Renewal

A passport expires after 36 Days. A Sim will then need to fill out a similar application/paperwork online and then mail the paperwork to the passport agency. The Sim should receive their passport within 24 hours.

**Travel Note**

You may also temporarily see your sims on lot before going to their final destination after the airport.

Seasoned Traveler Aspiration

Note that due to the nature of this aspiration it requires several packs: Jungle Adventures, City Living, Snowy Escape, Outdoor Retreat, and Island Living to complete. It also is greatly enhanced by frankk's Language Barriers as a few of the objectives include learning languages but you can still complete each level without the mod as it is not required.

Prepared Traveler Reward Trait

These Sims enjoy traveling all over the world. They have an easier time learning new languages, socializing with strangers, and have more fun when they are not in their home region. Works well with Language Barriers.

Travel Critic Career

Note that due to the nature of this career it requires City Living.

A brand new 6 level semi-active career inspired by the CL Critic career with a travel-focused twist. Sims focus on writing columns, reviewing food and drinks and performances, visiting different neighborhoods and different worlds, talking with local sims, and excelling at photography. Brand new work from home interactions, short hours, and a boost in language learning skills (boost requires Language Barriers mod). Levels are:

  • Story Researcher   
  • Columnist
  • Reviewer
  • Culture Writer
  • Travel Blogger
  • Chief Travel Critic

Compatibility and Requirements

Packs Required

Base Game

City Living (for Travel Critic Career)

Jungle Adventures, Snowy Escape, Island Living, City Living, and Outdoor Retreat (for Seasoned Traveler Aspiration)

Highly Recommended

City Living, Snowy Escape, Island Living, Jungle Adventures, and Outdoor Retreat

Get to Work for the Euro hybrid car

Language Barriers Mod is recommended for completing certain objectives within the aspiration as well as getting the full experience of the Career, though not required

***While this does not require any packs for the base mod - no career/aspiration - its playability is greatly limited if one does not have any other packs***
Mod Notes:

1.) For the purpose of this mod Windenburg, Mt. Komorebi, and Sulani are treated as international destinations in addition to Batuu, Granite Falls, and Selvadorada for those who do not live there so they count as travel abroad for the aspiration and career and are tracked locations in the passport even though you don't necessarily need to plan a vacation in order to visit them like the others.

2.) Your Sims will always be able to travel regardless of the mod if you zoom out and use the map picker from the street. The mod therefore only affects travel by any other means. Just FYI in case you really need to get somewhere without the restriction of the mod.

3.) Note it takes the mod about 20 sim minutes (20 seconds) to load fully. If you cannot access a feature make sure you let the game load for at least half an hour/30 seconds.

4.) There is a cheat menu available with the game cheats. Please note that the option to Reset Mod truly resets the mod to when it was first loaded - all progress for licensure/passports/etc. is lost and the passport/license/subway pass will be removed from your inventory. If you have any test versions of the mod prior to release, I actually do suggest you reset.

Credits: Sims 4 Studio, AroundtheSims4 (inventory objects), Roundgrass (extracted cars).