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’74 AM General M151A2

MUTT was replacement for the Willys Jeep and was later replaced by HMMWV, impressive bloodline for an impressive machine. Its small size will help you in tight, crowded scenarios. It can be fitted with armor plates that will help you survive longer. Drawbacks include low storage space compared to big machines and lack of automatic tire pressure control, its run flats are not so sophisticated but will last longer than normal tires.

Main features:

  • Fully animated hood, doors and windows
  • Visible interior and character (with improved exit/enter/aim animations)
  • All parts have 3d objects you can remove and place in the world
  • Extra parts to find in the world to make the vehicle truly yours (bullbars, armor plates, covers)
  • Run-flat Tires — They will run even when damaged, but with reduced friction
  • Many texture variations
  • Detachable Spare tire
  • Gas tank is armored and will hold up to 55 units of fuel
  • Detachable soft back cover
  • Armor plates for windows and bullbar protection
  • Cab armor, barriers and some extras to explore


  • B41.68 Single Player / Multiplayer Compatible
  • You can use it in your current save game, just enable the mod in the load menu
  • It can tow and be towed
  • Not recolorable

Things to come:

  • Better exit/enter animations (First fix is included and will be expanded over time, big thanks to iBrRus for the tips)
  • Better shaders for part models so we can have better blood and damage on them (This one is in dev’s hands)

If you can’t wait to find this mod in your game and want to test it right away, use bikinitools to spawn it, hide the items that your character holds while in vehicle, or for all other good stuff that mod has, go get it!

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Side note: This mod has a low poly 3d model and high detail textures, and is highly optimized, so it should not affect the game performance. All models, textures and animations were made by me.


This mod is commission work by request of Zhenja1. Thanks for your support of pz modding community!

Thanks to The Indie Stone for making this awesome game and all this possible.

Mr Kenny Loggins for taking a break from the danger zone to showcase yet another mod.

And special thanks to bikinihorst for the huge help with code, optimization, and taking care of the multiplayer and part code.

Originally posted by KI5:

Ask for permission
This mod can only be added to and extended with the express permission from the original creator. Having received permission, credit must be given to the original creator, both within the files of the mod and wherever the mod roams online.

If no permission is received you may not alter the mod, and it must be treated as a mod that is ‘On Lockdown’.

Vehicle IDs: 74amgeneralM151A2
Workshop ID: 2785549133
Mod ID: 74amgeneralM151A2

Download: ’74 AM General M151A2 [7.7 MB] (2022-05-17)

Author: KI5

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