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all good

2 days, 17 hours ago
@Razilator Rain Wash

The mod has been updated to the latest version.

1 week ago
@Razilator Sims 4 Mod / CC Manager

carnalxerotica, glad you found it useful!

1 week, 1 day ago
@carnalxerotica Sims 4 Mod / CC Manager

this mod is really helpful :)

1 week, 1 day ago
@Razilator Radiant Primordial Hive

Yodi, в разных точках мира кенши. Автор специально так сделал, чтоб искать было их с трудом. Я ответить конкретно на ваш вопрос не могу, т.к как почитав комментарии в стиме, ничего дельного по поводу нахождения не нашел.

1 month, 3 weeks ago
@Yodi Radiant Primordial Hive

Где найти этих рекрутов?

1 month, 3 weeks ago

Recycle And Reuse Almost Everything [B41]

Link Info Language Version Loads Loaded Created by
Go to download 0.122 MB English 2021-06-15 4 20/10/2021 в 01:01 PyWorker
Around 100 new recipes for recycling and crafting less useful stuff into more useful stuff. These recipes don't require any books or magazines to learn and some of them give small amounts of experience for their appropriate categories. (Metalworking, Tailoring, etc.)

Some crafting recipes do require certain skills. No new items or gameplay mechanics were added yet, everything is purely vanilla. Some new things will be added with future updates.
Two options available, Option 2) now requires Option 1) if you want to gain XP from recipes.

1) Recycle Everything - Main Crafting Recipes
100 Recipes that quite reasonably and practically fit into the game, that's the goal at least.
Here's what you get (not all items used are listed to make the description shorter):
- Make Ripped Sheets from Junk Items such as Bath Towels, Dish Towels and Pillows
- Reclaim Electric Wire from Amplifiers, Triggers, Motion Sensors, Headphones and Lamps
- Gain Screws from Makeshift Items such as Makeshift Remotes, Radios and Walkie Talkies
- Gain Screws from Containers such as Briefcases, Flightcases, Lunchboxes and Toolboxes
- Gain Screws from Common Items such as Doorknobs, Hinges, Alarm Clocks and Walkie Talkies
- Gain Batteries from Common Devices such as CD Players, Remotes, Radios and Walkie Talkies
- Gain Batteries from Makeshift Devices such as Makeshift Remotes, Radios and Walkie Talkies
- Make Leather Strips from Holsters, Shoes, Riding Boots, Handbags, Purses and Wallets

- Make Sturdy Sticks from Mops, Plungers, Garden Hoes, Pool Cues or Spears
- Make Gravel Bags from Stone and Chipped Stone with Sacks
- Make White Paint from Empty Paint Buckets, Water and Flour
- Make Black, Blue and Red Paint from White Paint and Writing Pens
- Make Black and Gray Paint from White Paint, Mortar and Pestle, and Charcoal
- Make Brown, Light Brown and Yellow Paint from White Paint, Local Soil, Sacks and Water
- Make all Colored Paint Cans from White Paint, Mortar and Pestle, and Crayons
- Make all Painted Light Bulbs from White Light Bulbs and all types of Paint Cans

- Make Unusable Metal from Cutlery, such as Bread Knives, Forks, Spoons or Letter Openers
- Make Unusable Metal from Assorted Metal, such as Trowels, Wire, Hinges, Bars or Pipes
- Make Unusable Metal from Small Metal, such as Tent Pegs, Padlocks, Dog Tags or Tin Openers
- Make Unusable Metal from Baking Pans, Saucepans, Paint Buckets or Propane Tanks
- Make Unusable Metal from Tools, such as Axes, Crowbars, Saws, Wrenches or Shovels
- Make Unusable Metal from Wearable Classic Watches, Nails or Screws

- Make Wire from Electric Wires (Metalworking 1) & Metal Pipes (Metalworking 3)
- Make Scrap Metal from Unusable Metal (Metalworking 2)
- Make Aluminum from Empty Pop & Tin Cans (Metalworking 2)
- Make Jar Lids from Aluminum (Metalworking 2)

- Make Holsters and Double Holsters from Leather and Thread (Tailoring 2 & Aiming 1)
- Make Bullet and Shell Ammo Straps from Leather and Thread (Tailoring 2 & Reloading 1)
- Make Belts and Leather Gloves (Tailoring 4) from Leather and Thread
- Knit Twine into Sheets with Knitting Needles (Tailoring 4)
- Make Sacks from Sheets, Compost Bags or Gravel Bags
- Reclaim Sheet from Sheet Rope

- Make Keyring from Wire
- Make Seed Bag from Sack and Twine
- Make Matches from Sparklers, Sturdy Sticks and Any Glue
- Make Gunpowder from a Jar, Sparklers and Charcoal
- Make Chipped Stone from Stones with Stones or Hammers
- Make Notebooks from Paper / Journals from Notebooks
- Write a Book / Draw a Comic (Takes a long time.)

The Main option also changes the Flame Bomb recipe so it can be made from various glass bottles and jars. Also, all canned produce can now be opened with various Knives, Meat Cleavers, Letter Openers, Scissors and Chipped Stone, besides just Can Openers.

2) Recycle Everything - Main Extra Crafting Recipes
Around 10 extra crafting recipes which are also usually found in other mods, separated in order to avoid duplicates. Activate if you don't use mods that already have these recipes or if you prefer my way of balancing. Here's what you get:

- Make Barbed Wire from 2 Wires
- Make Sheets from 8 Ripped Sheets
- Make 4 Thread from 1 Sheet
- Make 1 Twine from 4 Thread | Make 4 Thread from 1 Twine
- Make 1 Rope from 4 Twine | Make 4 Twine from 1 Rope
- Make Needles and Suture Needles from 1 Nail or 1 Tweezers
- Make Mouse Traps from 1 Plank, 2 Paperclips, 2 Nails and 1 Wire

There's also four new secret cooking recipes, besides the two secret ones already available in the game. They are a nod to some of the more popular Project Zomboid players on YouTube.

Barbed Wire Crafting
Homemade Bleach
Homemade Gunpowder
Homemade Concrete And Plaster Powder
Lone Wanderer's Saving Grace - Tailoring recipes to create common clothes with.
Realistic Canning - Alternative canning recipes without sugar and vinegar.
Tailoring Fix - Gives you Tailoring experience for the rest of the clothing items.
More will be listed soon!

Workshop ID: 2494021941
Mod ID: POETRecycleEverything1
Mod ID: POETRecycleEverything2