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Clothing, armor for Rimworld

Android tiers

REQUIRES HUMANOID ALIEN RACES & HARMONY Order: Harmony — Core — Humanoid alien races — Android Tiers This mod does work with old saves but will not spawn the new android faction unless a new game...

Rimsenal — Rimhair

The Rimsenal — Rimhair Mod adds 30 new hairstyles to RimWorld. It works both separately from the main mods and perfectly with mod assembly from Rimsenal. Download: Rimsenal — Rimhair [0.917 MB] (2021-07...

Medieval Overhaul

WARNING! THIS MOD IS HEAVILY WORK IN PROGRESS. USE WITH CAUTION Hello, my name is is SirLalaPyon, to cut it short, one thing led to another and then suddenly I made an overhaul. Figured might as well make everything I...

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