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Graphic mods for kenshi

Removed Weather Effects

This mod removes all weather effects visually like rain, dust storms, ash, and fog. It keeps the mechanics like wind speed for wind generators, and combat penalties for fighting in a dust storm. I made this for myself...

Less Foliage and Rocks

Less foliage, rocks and other world features. The whole map is covered.Should work just fine with any updates, unless they change the way foliage generation works or add new stuff. Which is unlikely at this point.This...

Radiant Better Faces & Eyes

Reworked faces and number of eyes (base + custom): Sheki (18 + 8) Burnesemen (6 + 9) Zelenozems (18 + 16) West Hive (0 + 5) South Hive (0 + 1) Cannibals (2 + 0) Wild cannibals (2 + 0) = TOTAL: 85 (46 + 39) All the edges...

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