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Unique Companions #1: Xavage

  • #Races, characters
  • Added: 1 month, 3 weeks ago
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    Author(s): LordHapless
  • Version: 2021-08-13 14:04:00
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Go to download 31.989 MB English 2021-08-13 14:04:00 3 04/09/2021 в 22:16 PyWorker

Excellent! Now that you are hooked on the thumbnail, time for the pitch.
This is (Hopefully) the first in a series of mods I plan to make that aims to add new and interesting companions to the game. Besides beep there is not a hell of a lot of truly ‘Unique’ characters in the game. With that in mind I am pleased to present Xavage, a completely unique character that uses a custom race, custom armor, a completely custom crossbow, over 500 lines of dialogue, And last but not least a gameplay ‘Quirk’ to help spice up the game. I hope you like it and enjoy using my mods.

Character Overview:

Self-declared explorer, naturalist, and tech hunter extraordinaire, Xavage is a strange individual to say the least. Having travelled the world twice over he has a lot to say about most things, that is when he can remember having been there at all. Due to his memory not being what it once was, he uses a journal as his primary means of recalling what happened on his previous journeys and will regal you with them as you travel. His primary interests are the in depth study and dissection of plants and animals in their natural habitat, which unfortunately includes humans...

Mod Overview:

Adds unique character Xavage to game world. Can be found and recruited in the Hub.
Adds a new Skelton race called “Xavage”. Used for dialogue purposes to prevent him from spouting off skeleton lines.
Xavage has a unique gameplay quirk used to unlock weapons and armor. (See below for more info)
Xavage can equip armour and limbs like any vanilla race.


Each time the player successfully finds and completes a conversation with Xavage he will accumulate research. He can use this accumulated research to trade with the Machinists over in World’s End University for technical schematics which can be used to research quirk weapons, and armour. Every now and again, go stop by and speak with finch to claim the research items.

Quirk weapons/armour:

Techdelver set: A set of leather armour that was once used by tech hunters of old but has since been supplanted by cheaper sets.
Old sally: Xavage’s custom crossbow that is a rough prototype of a rattan diagram he found in a ruin ages ago.
Leviathans’ Bane: An absolutely massive crossbow that puts any other crossbow to shame. Requires 4 levels of research to acquire and is a sizable investment.
Falling star: Unique falling sun with high bleeding potential. Very pointy.


He is primarily aligned with the tech hunters, and may engage in dialogue with passing tech hunters.
Has a passing relationship with the united cities, despite having a small bounty on his head.
Harbours a deep seated hatred against the holy nation and will happily join the player in dismantling them.
Is openly dismissive of the shek as nothing more than brutish animals that need to be studied.
Dislikes hivers due to their bug like physique.
Harbours great scientific interest in beak things and gorrilos.
Abhors encountering spiders and skinners.


More combat animations: