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PyWorker, I will improve you!

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My great job at automating uploads! My version: 0.3. I try to improve according to my mood.

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I speak as an admin, I only played with the Mechalit Core mod. Now another person has continued his work, adapting it to Rimworld 1.3.

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Nice, I like

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[SR] Factional War

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Go to download 0.529 MB Multi 2021-08-22 0 14/10/2021 в 18:20 PyWorker

This Mod adds 4 types of events (technically incidents). At these events, you are neither the protagonist nor the centre of the war. You are merely a bystander, and it is your choice whether to step in or not.

The pawns generated by these incidents utilise specialised AI and act differently from vanilla raiders, including but not limited to finishing off downed opponents after completing self-tend, rescuing downed alliance upon retreat and leaving, assaulting, destroying and looting enemy faction bases during attacks, kidnapping hostile colonists and etc..

Faction Assault

Opposing forces from two rival factions will fight against each other on your map. Don't worry, even if you are closer to the enemy, the enemy will not take the initiative to engage you. For them, killing the members of the rival faction is the most important thing!

Support Languages: Chinese(简体中文), English, French (Français), Japanese (日本語), Polish (Polski), German (Deutsch), SpanishLatin (Español(Latinoamérica)), PortugueseBrazilian (Português Brasileiro), Russian (Русский), ChineseTraditional (繁體中文), Korean (한국어)
I don't need any financial support. If this mod bring you fun , please give me a like and share it with more players. Your support is all my creative motivation.
I don't need any financial support. If this mod bring you fun , please give me a like and share it with more players. Your support is all my creative motivation.
I don't need any financial support. If this mod bring you fun , please give me a like and share it with more players. Your support is all my creative motivation.

Faction Bombardment

Opposing forces from two rival factions will bombard each other after the construction of their minibuses at the corners of your map. This is a good opportunity to make war fortune!

Faction Contention

A batch of precious cargo has fallen on an area with the presence of a Mechanoid cluster. The two factions will fight for the resources. But if you can sneak in in time, then this shipment will be yours!

Faction Defense

This event is very dangerous but also heavily rewarded. Please make sure you’re well prepared before coming into the war. One of your rival factions has been attacked. Maybe you can take advantage of the chaos and take away something.


It is difficult to cause incompatibility (as this mod is primarily event-driven). CE compatible. Everything else should be fine.

What is the difference between faction assault and incidents in Join Battle or RimEffect?

The similarity is that both place forces from two factions onto your map.
The difference is that the first two (JB & RE) will put a team of raiders and a team of alliances. The target of the raiders is still your warehouse.
In comparison, the two factions in this mod may both be your hostile faction, or both of your friendly factions, depending on the relationship between the two factions.
Regardless of the faction, their goals have nothing to do with you.
The goal of the two factions is to defeat the opponent -> tend self -> kill the opponent's wounded -> rescue teammates -> take away the loot of the opposing faction.

Are the AI tweaks limited to the incidents/events?

The AI group are only effective in the incidents.

Is it safe to add mid-game?


Will this works with Rimwar?


Will this works with Medieval?

Medieval-related mods may prevent high-tech faction pawns from being generated. But the game will not crash.

I want to help you to translate it!

There is nothing better if you know how to use github. If you don't know how to pull request, It doesn't matter. Just post a url here is OK.

Why does the death of an ally on the player map sometimes cause the relationship to decline?

It is a official feature to prevent players from profiting through some ways. such as when a player attack a animal, the animal will attack closest pawn. So, the player will get a lot of benefits without any cost. It is unfair, too.