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Players Slavery

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This MOD makes NPC a slave to a player character.

What this mod does

This mod essentially gives you the ability to have your own slaves as the NPC factions do.

How it works:

Make "Slave Rings" -> capture enemy -> stick in cage -> put slave ring on him -> prompt will come up asking to "sell" slave (you don't actually sell them) -> select the slave and "sell" -> you now have a slave you can talk to and issue an array of different instructions (including "Join my Squad")

If the above doesn't work first time, take the ring back and take the slave out of the cage and attack them till they go down. Then first aid them, put them back in the cage and give them the ring back. This should trigger it.

For slaves bought from slave shop you need to have the ring with you when you buy them, you should get the "sell slave" prompt shortly after. If not, use the above method.

Spcial Thanks: Sir Spliffington VIII

What can be done for various NPCs

Not a slave NPC: to slave
Slave shop slave NPC, and slave captured slave NPC: purchased as a player slave
Slave NPC: Submission
Submissive slave NPC: order (following, bodyguard, labor etc.)

Additional research

*Shackles Craft ... Slave Ring Craft Bench and Shackles Craft Bench
You will be able to build it.
*Slavery ... Buildings for slave will be built.

Additional buildings

Slave Ring Craft Bench ... You can create slave rings.
Shackles Craft Bench ... You can create Prisoner Shackles.
Building with mark ... It is a building for slave labor.

Items added

Slave Ring ... It is necessary to capture, purchase, and create slave squads of slaves.

Added Faction

Added "slave" faction. It is a neutral relationship to all the faction.
The characters that I belong to are sold at slave shops and I am wandering through the field.
* It is a different thing from the existing "slaves" faction.

Other changes

Cats obtained when selling abducted people in slavery are random at
800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500.
(It was 400c in vanilla)

Because of the number of characters, details are indicated on separate threads.

This MOD is compatible as it uses data of "Players AI" of another MOD.
It can also be used at the same time.

Common elements of Players Slavery and Players AI
Capture of slaves, purchase, submission, order etc.

Features only for Players Slavery
Building of slave building
Addition of "slave" faction
The selling price of the slave will be changed to random drawing of
800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500.

Features only for Players AI
Add AI squad
Addition of Cannibal's building

* If you try to load Players AI after Players Slavery
The slave's selling price will return to 400.
Players AI
Players Slavery
When used in the above order it will be 800-1500.

MOD to add a building for slaves of more building
Players Slavery + more building

I would recommend this to those who felt that slaves were too obedient.
Players Slavery +Slaves Counterattack

Video of this mod

How to use Slave Ring
How to use Slave Squad
Slave Work 01(No player base)
Slave Work 02(Near player base)

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