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Life's Drama

  • #Gameplay
  • Added: 2 months, 2 weeks ago
  • Updated: 2 weeks, 1 day ago
  • Views: 9
    Author(s): Sacrificial
  • Version: 2.0.5
    Loads: 3
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Go to download 3.57 MB Multi 2.0.5 3 10/08/2021 в 09:39 Razilator

The Life's Drama mod adds 14 different situations to the game that can happen to NPCs around your Sim, making cities livelier. 

What's new on 04/22/2020:
- Sims asking for help from your character will now knock on the front door upon arrival and only talk to your character while they are outside.
- Characters seeking help from your character are now included in the door lock radial menu.

In addition to the familiar life situations, the author added a lot of other interesting things! So, first things first.

A new social popularity system is now in vogue.

  • Your character can order plastic surgery.
  • Dirty secrets and gossip added! Your character can be privy to all the juiciest gossip in the city and write them down in a special gossip notebook! And in order to find them, you will have to try and get into the trust of the desired character or rummage through the network in search of the necessary gossip. And only you can decide whether to keep the secrets entrusted to you or to make it public, thereby lowering the reputation of the character whose secret you revealed.
  • Your character can participate in social events by contributing a sum of money.
  • Added social assistance. Now you can help with advice and try to resolve difficult situations!
  • Now everything is in your hands

How to use

  • To start the mod, click on the game character and select the interaction "Enable situations for this sim" from the section "Life difficulties";
  • Different situations will start automatically around the specified Sim;
  • You can start the desired situation through the "Life difficulties" menu by clicking on the game character;
  • The mod does not affect playable characters, only non-playable characters around;
  • You can participate in some situations to help characters and receive rewards;
  • You can also destroy Sims' relationships with the Expose Loved One interaction if they have a partner.

Possible situations

Parting of a couple

The couple will fight and quarrel until they decide to end their stalled relationship.

Flirting couple

A couple who still cannot enjoy each other will demonstrate their love to the whole world.

Couple engagement

The couple will show their love until they decide to get engaged.

Clash with the gang

Angry Sims who want to ruin your charge's life.

Lost baby

A parent has lost his baby. You can help find him and inform the parent.

Revealed Cheater

A character who decided to find someone on the side was caught cheating.

Problem children

A group of annoying and undisciplined children who want to ruin the lives of those around them.

runaway Bride

The bride realized that she had chosen the wrong person with whom she would like to spend the rest of her life and decided to run away from the wedding. The groom chases after her in the hope that she will change her mind.


The thief will clean out Sims' wallets in the lot.

Pregnant sim

A pregnant woman needs help. You can help her get to the hospital with the Take to Hospital interaction and get rewarded.

Lighted up sim

You can help a sim on fire with a fire extinguisher and get a reward for it.