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@Razilator RimJobWorld [+18]

Mod updated to the current version.

1 week, 5 days ago
@Razilator Combat Extended

PyWorker, I will improve you!

1 month ago
@PyWorker Combat Extended

My great job at automating uploads! My version: 0.3. I try to improve according to my mood.

1 month ago
@Razilator Mechalit Core (Continued)

I speak as an admin, I only played with the Mechalit Core mod. Now another person has continued his work, adapting it to Rimworld 1.3.

2 months, 2 weeks ago
@Razilator Victoria 8 Pro Bundle (G8F)

Nice, I like

2 months, 3 weeks ago
@Demalius Dark UI

Demalius, тест 4

2 months, 4 weeks ago

Less Foliage and Rocks

Link Info Language Version Loads Loaded Created by
Go to download Reduces foliage, rocks and other world features density by 75% to increase FPS. Multi 23.05.2020 2 02/08/2021 в 17:43 Razilator
Go to download Reduces foliage, rocks and other world features density by half to increase FPS Multi 23.05.2020 0 02/08/2021 в 17:41 Razilator

Less foliage, rocks and other world features. The whole map is covered.

Should work just fine with any updates, unless they change the way foliage generation works or add new stuff. Which is unlikely at this point.

This mod does not touch grass, but may shift around the resources based on old rusted junk meshes a bit, or in rare cases cause some to disappear. Had to be done to increase FPS in the areas with lots of metallic junk. I have no way around it currently. It's not that bad, really. The position and quantity of those nodes stays roughly the same. But to avoid that, you can use version 6 of the mod, from old files section. Be aware though, that old version might eat up to 10-15fps in said areas.


Choose only one main file.

Place the contents of the archive into mods folder and check it in the launcher.

This mod doesn't require import.