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Fisher Folk Garb - Lore Friendly - Standalone

  • #Animation #Gameplay
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    Author(s): cat
  • Version: 2021-04-11 01:41:00
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Fisher Folk Garb



I present to you what I have been working on in the last few weeks. The lore friendly Fisher Folk Garb.

Whats Included?

I've modeled and rigged 3 new pieces of clothing, 1 new weapon, and 1 new backpack. These items include the following -
1 Straw Fisher Hat
1 Dirty Vest - Red, Yellow, and Blue
1 Fisherman's Waders - Blue, Green, and Brown

1 Fish Carrier - Fishes included

1 Fishing Rod

To obtain these items either craft them under the new research tab called "Fisher Folk" or start the new "Fisher Folk" game start.


Lore Friendly

This mod was intended to add some flavor for players. The clothes are not end-game or boss weapon material. Instead their low peasent class items. The clothing items provide some extra protection from rain and acid rain as they're used around water quite a bit.

The new Waders include bags of fish bait on the belt as well as a cutting knife for gutting fish and removing their scales. Of course this knife would never be used in combat! Its valuable tool to make your living.

The Vest is loose and open for the hot beachy weather.

The back pack is small only used supposed to be used to hold a couple of fish.

And the fishing rod is a blunt weapon. It can deal some decent low level damage and has decent range but seems to be espically good against fishmen.


Q. What ref did you use?
A. I tried looking at old art and pictures as well as Kenshi's base game for inspiration and found a nice balance, the above photos are some ref.

Q.Why isnt anyone else wearing these?
A. Not everyone likes mods that add leveled list items for compatibility reasons with their massive load orders. This should be avoid that. However I do plan on doing a total overhaul of clothes and plan to implement them when its ready