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Expanded Helicopter Events

Link Info Language Version Loads Loaded Created by
Go to download 27.449 MB Multi 2021-09-20 2 26/09/2021 в 18:11 PyWorker
This mod replaces the vanilla helicopter event with a more dynamic suite of events which is both challenging and fair.
Furthermore, the mod is designed as a framework and can be easily expandable and modifiable in itself.*
Known Issues:
  • For builds prior to 41.51: This mod disables vanilla helicopters, but occasionally the game may turn them back on.
    Just to be safe, it is recommended that you DISABLE VANILLA HELICOPTERS if you do not want at least 1 vanilla helicopter event to occur.

    To Disable Vanilla Helicopters:
    1. Select "Custom Sandbox" Playstyle.
    2. Under "Sadistic AI Director", set Helicopter to "Never".

What version of zomboid is this for?
Build 41+

Does this mod with with non-vanilla maps?
Yes. Any map, any size.

Does this work with on-going/old saves?
Yes, this mod is safe to apply to an existing save. However, depending on the save's age (days into the game) you may not see events. You are able to configure the mod via sandbox mode.

  • Events become less frequent and end at around a month. (Note this factors in the "months after apocalypse" sandbox setting.)
  • Helicopters (and other flying events) will not fly in extremely bad weather, and have a relative chance to crash based on how less than ideal the weather is.
  • Crashed helicopters are vehicle objects, which can be looted and slept in.
  • Multiple types of helicopters or other flying events.
  • Players can actually hide from / avoid the helicopter.
  • The helicopter casts a shadow to indicate where it is in relation to the player.
  • Helicopters can fire on targets. This does not instantly kill but does gravely wound targets and shred clothing.
  • Fully voiced announcements, which can be easily expanded upon by others in the future.
  • CO-OP/NPC/Eventual MP Support: The helicopters will target people depending on their location; prefer targets in the cities over those in the forest.
  • Helicopters can drop items or care packages for the player.
  • Helicopter events are registered on AEBS (radio system) just like vanilla events!
Events Currently in the mod:

*Helicopter events are written so that their features can be mixed and matched for different "types" of helicopters.

  • (Military) Increasingly Hostile Helicopter: Initially this helicopter will only make announcements but will over time begin firing on targets; at first towards the undead then later, towards players as well.
  • Police Helicopter: These helicopters will patrol early on and fire on undead right away.
  • News Helicopter: These helicopters will follow their target and most closely resemble the vanilla event. However, the player can use cover as well as the indoors to flee the area.
  • Jets: While not strictly a "helicopter" the jet events whizz near by the player to keep things interesting and move horde of undead early on.