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I speak as an admin, I only played with the Mechalit Core mod. Now another person has continued his work, adapting it to Rimworld 1.3.

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Arsenal(26) GunFighter Mod

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Go to download 60.829 MB Multi 2021-09-27 2 27/09/2021 в 17:21 PyWorker

The GunFighter Mod changes the way Firearms works in Project Zomboid, and is compatible with BRITA's WEAPON PACK. Unless weapon script is formatted within certain parameters and contains certain required information, some features of this mod [WILL NOT WORK]... This mod feature's Experimental Weapons to demonstrate new functions, such as Burst-Mode BB-Guns and Variable Grip Melee Weapons.

[MENU OPTIONS] described below affect the mechanics of Firearms with the goal of Realism.

DYNAMIC RANGE HIT CHANCE... Adds a secondary Calculation factoring in distance to target making farther targets more difficult to hit.

DYNAMIC RECOIL... Calculates Recoil based on Cartridge type, Firearm weight, whether held with one hand or two, or has a Fixed or Folding Stock. Then applies the result as a penalty using the Aim-Time / Movement-Time system.

MOVEMENT GAUGE... Displays visually as a meter which widens and narrows, providing feedback when moving while Aiming and recoil from Firearms. Rate of Fire is not so nerfed at the beginning, and Move-Time which severely affects accuracy is now linked to more actions, beginning with recoil. and taken further with the next option. The thought process is that, it isn't difficult to fire quickly, the challenge is hitting the target.

RESET SIGHT PICTURE... Resets AimTime penalty when you stop Aiming, Rack, or Reload... In essence, actions which disrupt your sight picture is simulated by this option.

AMMUNITION HUD... Displays rounds remaining at the (Top-left). This representation gives a rough idea of how many rounds remain at a glance, while not displaying "Exactly" how many rounds in the form of a number. [EMPTY] appears when you run out of ammo, and [JAM] if the weapon jams. Additionally, if you are using the Movement Gauge, the sliding markers will turn (white) when empty, and (red) when jammed.

SHOW HIT DAMAGE... Displays damage on hits in the form of a Red number over the target.

SHOW RANGE/HIT CHANCE... Displays distance to target, and the Hit Chance percentage on shots that hit. This is useful to get an idea of how the DYNAMIC RANGE HIT CHANCE is working.

SHOW WEAPON INFO... Displays briefly over the character, a summary of Firearm specs each time you equip a Firearm... (Hit Chance, Recoil, Min/Max Damage/Range, Weight, and Sound).

FIREARMS NEVER JAM... Bypass Vanilla weapon jam system for less immersion into the reality of dirty guns.

ATTACHMENTS BREAK ON MELEE... Smashing a zombie with a Rifle just because you can, might just cost you that fancy optic, or even mangle a suppressor.

ATTACHMENTS BREAK ON FIRE... Enables sudden catastrophic failure of weapon attachments to simulate mean time before failure. Improvised attachments such as Oil-filter and Soda-bottle suppressors will fail more often, as will magnified optics vs. more robust sighting systems.

SUPPRESSION LEVEL... Allows you to increase or reduce the effect of suppressors on the sound radius stat to fine tune your ideal Zombie Magnet challenge level.

STANDARDIZED AMMUNITION SYSTEM... Round specs (Range/Damage/Recoil) are loosely based on scaled ballistic data where possible so differences are evident, while still being applicable in the realm of Iso-Metric game play. Also adds new icon set for (scaled size) Ammo, and (brand) Boxes. Applies realistic weight to cartridges and boxes, and Adds new calibers and a couple Grenade round types.

AMMUNITION CANISTERS... Real containers that can be equipped, re-named, and seen visually in your characters hand(s). Will spawn in two sizes (Small 30-cal, Medium 50-cal) with a random amount of one of the (14) ammunition types... They will be labelled with the ammo type contained, but can be re-named and used for whatever you want.

MODIFIED RELOADING CODE... Supports (reload button) control of Stripper-Clips, and Speed-Loaders for revolvers... In addition to the use of non-magazine loading devices, absent the availability of Clips and Speed-loaders, Single loading mode will automatically be used if loose ammo is available for those weapons that can be loaded by multiple methods (First button press when out of clips will change to single mode, press again to load).


STANDARDIZED MAGAZINES... Vanilla and New magazines are designated in a generic format, that being : Single or Double Stack, and Caliber... This makes cross compatibility with extended mags less complicated.

VISUAL ATTACHMENTS... Including Grenade Launchers, Bayonets, Lights, Lasers, Scopes, Muzzle Brake/Compensator, Bipod, Suppressors, and more to come. **NOTE** Weapons in Melee-Mode can remove attachments, but must revert to Firearm-Mode to attach them.

VISUAL MAGAZINES. I removed all the Magazines from BRITA's weapon models so they can show empty... The [CLIP] attachment slot determines the magazine type rendered.

MULTIPLE MAGAZINE TYPES... Weapons can have up to three compatible Magazine types (Standard, Extended, or Drum) which will appear in the [CLIP] slot on the weapon info pop-up. [DO NOT UNINSTALL THE CLIP SLOT]

ALTERNATE LOADING METHOD... Certain weapons have (Alternate) loading methods that can be selected via the context menu, such as the SKS and VZ58, that can run detachable mags, stripper clips, or single load. While in Clip-Mode, empty mag will not be removed via reload button since this mode supports single loading, however the magazine can be ejected via context menu. Selecting the function again will return the weapon to its Default loading mode.

MELEE MODE... Allows weapons to be swung (if melee-mode is scripted) in addition to using with Bayonet.

FOLDING STOCKS... Affects Hit-Chance, Aim-Time, Recoil, etc. Basically, fixed and deployed stocks reduce recoil, and facilitate Aim-Time for rifles. However, they inhibit Aim-Time and do not mitigate recoil when used from a vehicle.

BREAK-OPEN EXPANDED... New Break-Open shotguns and rifles can be sawed-off at the Barrel and Stock separately to produce either a Short-Barrel-Rifle or Two-Handed-Pistol, with appropriate reloading animations. Removing a Stock or Barrel will reduce Aim-Time penalties from Vehicles, and reduce overall weight. However, accuracy and effective range are reduced.

SHOOTING FROM VEHICLE... Applies Aim-Time penalties based on the weight of the firearm, and further Aim-Time penalty multipliers Stocks. To improve Aim-Time when firing from a vehicle, Folded stocks, Sawn-off, or otherwise Lighter weight weapons are best.

COMPATIBLE CALIBERS... Allows (Firearms, Magazines, and Speed-loaders) such as 38/357 Lever-Actions, and Revolvers to use either type of ammo.

GRENADE LAUNCHER MODES... Allows the use of Standalone or Launchers (attachment), which can use either type of Grenade Round (Explosive/Incendiary). Launcher Range selection (firemode) controls detonation distance for GamePad players.

WEAPON LIGHTS... Weapon mounted lights produce a Flood pattern around the player when not aiming, and will project light in the direction when aiming. Weapon lights will not automatically turn on when equipped. Turn [On-Off] with [] or [] key. Large weapon lights have more throw (range) when aimed, but produce less useable flood pattern at rest. Small weapon lights produce a larger flood pattern and less throw when aimed.